Experimenting With Flow Fields

A more "traditional" flow field

Flow fields are a technique for creating patterns in generative art. For a long time I’ve been impressed by art generated using this technique but I couldn’t wrap my head around the concepts.

A finished piece of animated art heavily inspired by Stanko's Neon art work.

Recently I read a couple of great articles that really helped the concepts click for me:

I experimented with these techniques and made a few generative art pieces that I’m reasonably happy with.

A piece inspired by sea anenomes

I’m excited to keep exploring how flow fields can be used to generate art. In particular I’m interested in:

  • Improving the performance! Using lines instead of dots could make this a lot more performant…
  • Using more advanced functions like Perlin noise to place the “vectors.”
  • Combining flow fields with other generative art techniques.
  • Making some physical art pieces with a pen plotter! (Hint, hint Santa!)
  • Integrating flow fields into video game logic.
More experimentation...