Hey, I'm Paul!

I design and code digital products and experiences.

I live in sunny Portland, Oregon where I craft accessible, responsive & futuristic web experiences with the talented folks at Cloud Four.

I also enjoy writing, drawing, creating generative art, gardening, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors. I'm currently building a web-based spaceship game. Check out the latest prototype!

Selected Writing

I enjoy writing to share knowledge and improve my own understanding. Here are a few of my favorite articles I've written:

    Coding Randomized Zelda Patterns

    The new Zelda game uses repeated patterns to build a cohesive world. Let's write code to generate these patterns and then print them with a robot!

    July 6th, 2023 Written for Cloud Four

    The Math Behind Nesting Rounded Corners

    I was recently designing an interface with a lot of rounded corners. But, when I nested rounded corners it looked off somehow...

    October 26th, 2022 Written for Cloud Four

    Building an accessible image comparison web component

    By leveraging native browser controls, we can make accessible and high-performing components with just a dash of JavaScript.

    July 14th, 2021 Written for Cloud Four

    HSL: A Color Format for Humans

    Colors on the web are confusing — but they don't have to be! The HSL format makes it easy for humans and computers to work with color.

    March 12th, 2021 Written for Cloud Four

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Selected Work

I enjoy designing and coding delightful experiences that push the boundaries of the web. Here are a few of my favorite works:

    Cloudinary shows off its APIs with an interactive demo

    We designed and developed a responsive, performant, and accessible demo to explain and showcase how Cloudinary’s APIs help developers solve common problems. The demo increased engagement on the page it was embedded on by over 400% and improved the quality of visitor conversions.

    The Colors of the Web

    I was curious what colors were being used by large, popular sites, so I decided to find out. Alexa.com maintains a list of the most visited sites on the internet. I wrote a PHP script to scrape the ten most popular sites and record all the colors used in the sites' home pages and style sheets.

    The Imaginary Clock Museum

    A selection of digital analog clocks that don't exist. Build Your Own!

    Image Compare

    A tiny, zero-dependency web component for comparing two images using a slider. Built with a focus on accessibility, performance, and progressive enhancement.

    Squiggles and Dots

    A generative art playground, built with SVG, web components, and 11ty.


    A game where you rearrange jumbled letters to find words. The rules are simple, but the gameplay gets tricky. Built with Svelte.

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Getting in Touch

Outside of work you can find me gardening, hiking, cooking, or hanging out with my girlfriend and dog. Your best bet for getting in touch with me is reaching out over Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn.